Twilight (Sold)

This is a Folk Art painting with very dark areas and a bright sunshine coming in from the right with strong shadows going across the painting.  You can follow the country road going past the white barn and house then the red barn on the left and the edge of the dark lake on the right.  The road travels far into the distance past rolls of hay and into the low hills in the background.   If you look closely you can see the effect of the tinting both in the foreground and the background of this primitive style painting. Be sure to click on the painting to see my other primitive, country and folk art prints.

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Original: 36” X 24”       Price:   SOLD    


Sprinkles (Sold)

In the summer 2011, on a very hot day, I did an outdoor demonstration of drip painting.  You can see some of that day on the video on the right.  It was so hot I was soaked through.  My shirt was completely wet.  This drip art painting was the focus of the 2 days,  although when it was drying I did do a little work on another painting.   I worked for 2 days and then took the abstract painting home, put it on the easel and did many more hours of brush work.  Small details create the bright feeling of this splash art like taking out a little yellow and adding a little blue,  a touch of red and just a little more black.  That’s how I finish most of my paintings.  The original was sold that day at the gallery demo.  One of my very best customers and a good friend bought it for his daughter.  After it was finished I told them to take it home and see if it worked as they hoped.  They told me after putting it over the fireplace nothing else would do.

Original:         Size 40” X 30”                         Price:   SOLD


This is a fun abstract painting that has both a strong left to right flow and an intermittent vertical movement.  A blue slate background with energetic black lines moving vertically with turns and lines give it a strong, lively feeling.  The vibrant greens create the left to right dynamism and the red hues help to separate the two ideas.  As in most of my work, you will find plenty of tinted colors and layers of painting with a lot of brush work on the surface to control the movement and help the eye travel the width and breadth of the painting.  The strength of the lines and the shapes give it the mechanical feeling and power. 


Original:         Size 40” X 30”                        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.

Child’s Play

We have 5 grandchildren, and they have all had crayons, pencils, brushes and paints in their hands.  I love to watch kids drawing and being creative.  If you leave them alone, they seem to find ways of doing things you would never think of.  They can be very creative and do some wonderful things with lines and color.  So this is what inspired me when working on this abstract painting.  I left almost the entire background in a one flesh colored tint, and filled the foreground with vibrant greens, deep golds and bright whites. I used black drippings to add a threadlike detail.

Original:         36” X 24”        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.


This drip art painting is one of the most vibrant abstract works I have ever done.  Symbols from everything and the crashing blues and beiges seem to hold together well.  Like a carnival, it has a mix of activity and color with ideas from all around the world.   I used drip and spray with some layering and tinting, but lots of brush work to control areas of color and space.

Original:         48” X 24”        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.

Tempest (Sold)

This is another abstract painting where movement is the key.  In this drip art painting I wanted to move around the canvas- falling off the edges but continuing the movement. It has a powerful feeling like a wave or storm at sea.  The change in colors and shapes from left to right are dramatic and seem to get deep like a dark ocean on the right side.  Dripping and splashing the paint and layering over and over creates the overall feeling of the painting which is similar to the work of Jackson Pollock.

Original: Size 40” X 30”     Price:   Sold

Valley Lookout (Sold)

This primitive artwork idealizes a place where you can look out over the valley with the country life below:  Black  and white buildings with a garden on the right and the planted fields on the left, a rocky hill leading down and a hint of a lake in the distance- a quiet still place in the country. This is one of my early barn paintings and the image has been doing well for years.



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Original: 30” X 30” Price: SOLD   

American Barns

The most striking thing about this Contemporary American Folk Art piece are the strong, primitive shapes. The prominent, odd shape of the house on the upper right, the trees and the stark lines of the barns and roads give it character.  It conjures up the patriotism of a simpler time in American history. The bold colors work well with the strong lines of the primitive shapes.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 36” X 30”       Price: SOLD  

Tidal (Sold)

This is a very strong painting with a slate colored background.   Lots of tints and layering of yellows, reds, greys, and just a little tint of blue mingle with this dark mass across the canvas. Bits of white and black splash around and through the large image.   Reds and yellow painted in  added with oil pastels create a  rough texture over the entire canvas.

Be sure to click on the painting to see a slideshow of my other abstract expressionism and drip art paintings.

Original: 48” X 24”    Price: SOLD

Oxbow Inlet (Sold)

This American folk art painting is a good example of the use of oil pastels.  The sky has so much oil pastel work on it that the appearance is almost like fabric hanging over the rolling countryside in this quiet rural setting.  The work was started with acrylic, then came the tinting and re-painting of a few layers.  Then, when all the primitive shapes and forms were in place and the painting looked almost finished, the oil pastel work began.  My reason I used the oil pastels was to create a texture on the surface. I like the primitive look, almost like crayon, that it adds.  It’s something I can’t get any other way.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 40” X 30”     Price:  SOLD