Sprinkles (Sold)

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In the summer 2011, on a very hot day, I did an outdoor demonstration of drip painting.  You can see some of that day on the video on the right.  It was so hot I was soaked through.  My shirt was completely wet.  This drip art painting was the focus of the 2 days,  although when it was drying I did do a little work on another painting.   I worked for 2 days and then took the abstract painting home, put it on the easel and did many more hours of brush work.  Small details create the bright feeling of this splash art like taking out a little yellow and adding a little blue,  a touch of red and just a little more black.  That’s how I finish most of my paintings.  The original was sold that day at the gallery demo.  One of my very best customers and a good friend bought it for his daughter.  After it was finished I told them to take it home and see if it worked as they hoped.  They told me after putting it over the fireplace nothing else would do.

Original:         Size 40” X 30”                         Price:   SOLD