This drip art painting is one of the most vibrant abstract works I have ever done.  Symbols from everything and the crashing blues and beiges seem to hold together well.  Like a carnival, it has a mix of activity and color with ideas from all around the world.   I used drip and spray with some layering and tinting, but lots of brush work to control areas of color and space.

Original:         48” X 24”        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.

Summer Sky (Sold)

The idyllic country setting of this painting of delicate trees and  whimsical colors give it a light, airy feeling.  The country road leading up the painting is almost a pink color and the field to the right is a very soft purple.  The mountain in the background is almost part of the sky.  Barns and cottages dot across the top.  Everything makes its way back to the barns.  This American folk art painting is a mixed media using acrylic and oil pastels and large areas of tinting.

Call for pricing on prints  203-470-9231.

Original: 30” X 40”   Price: SOLD

Alyssa (Sold)

Alyssa is the name of one of my granddaughters.  This idyllic, country painting is named after her because she is very delicate and loves soft colors. The reflection of the lake in this folk art painting, combines with the pastel colors for a calming affect.  My granddaughter paints and draws all the time and is really very talented.   Someday I hope we will be able to do a show together.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 24” X 24”
Price: SOLD