Sprinkles (Sold)

In the summer 2011, on a very hot day, I did an outdoor demonstration of drip painting.  You can see some of that day on the video on the right.  It was so hot I was soaked through.  My shirt was completely wet.  This drip art painting was the focus of the 2 days,  although when it was drying I did do a little work on another painting.   I worked for 2 days and then took the abstract painting home, put it on the easel and did many more hours of brush work.  Small details create the bright feeling of this splash art like taking out a little yellow and adding a little blue,  a touch of red and just a little more black.  That’s how I finish most of my paintings.  The original was sold that day at the gallery demo.  One of my very best customers and a good friend bought it for his daughter.  After it was finished I told them to take it home and see if it worked as they hoped.  They told me after putting it over the fireplace nothing else would do.

Original:         Size 40” X 30”                         Price:   SOLD


This is a fun abstract painting that has both a strong left to right flow and an intermittent vertical movement.  A blue slate background with energetic black lines moving vertically with turns and lines give it a strong, lively feeling.  The vibrant greens create the left to right dynamism and the red hues help to separate the two ideas.  As in most of my work, you will find plenty of tinted colors and layers of painting with a lot of brush work on the surface to control the movement and help the eye travel the width and breadth of the painting.  The strength of the lines and the shapes give it the mechanical feeling and power. 


Original:         Size 40” X 30”                        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.

Barnyard (Sold)


Call for pricing on prints  203-470-9231.


River Valley (Sold)


Call for pricing on prints  203-470-9231.

Tempest (Sold)

This is another abstract painting where movement is the key.  In this drip art painting I wanted to move around the canvas- falling off the edges but continuing the movement. It has a powerful feeling like a wave or storm at sea.  The change in colors and shapes from left to right are dramatic and seem to get deep like a dark ocean on the right side.  Dripping and splashing the paint and layering over and over creates the overall feeling of the painting which is similar to the work of Jackson Pollock.

Original: Size 40” X 30”     Price:   Sold

Sunflowers (Sold)

This is a fun painting. The funky sunflowers, the container and the green bench give an  American Folk Art look with bright colors.  As with most of my work, the tinting helps brighten the light areas and enhance the shadows in this slightly primitive style original artwork.  When framed in a dark wood with a little gold trim and a white matte, the colors seem to brighten even more.

Call for pricing on prints  203-470-9231.

Original: 30” X 24” Price: SOLD 

American Barns

The most striking thing about this Contemporary American Folk Art piece are the strong, primitive shapes. The prominent, odd shape of the house on the upper right, the trees and the stark lines of the barns and roads give it character.  It conjures up the patriotism of a simpler time in American history. The bold colors work well with the strong lines of the primitive shapes.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 36” X 30”       Price: SOLD  

Crimson Fields (Sold)

This large country folk art painting of a country farm has a strong, rough, yet pastel look to it.  The painting was done with acrylics,  then worked over with oil pastels to give it this effect.  The prints show the rough texture with the lines of oil going across the painting in different directions which give it a peaceful, yet lively look.
Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 48” X 36”       

Puzzle 3 (Sold)

This is a good example of different techniques combined in one abstract painting.  The canvas was prepared with a strong layer of gesso.  The end of a brush and other blunt tools were used to create a gold and green pattern on the first surface.  Next, colors covered the gesso and a tint was laid over the different colors.  There is a lot of brush work and dripping and splashing, Jackson Pollack style, on this painting.  After drying, I used more tinting and brush work, and then repeated the same process again with different bright colors and tints.  The final layer involved more brush work and dripping and splashing some bright white and dark blacks, reds and bright yellow for highlighting.  Look closely and you can see the patterns underneath everything in the gesso.

Original: Size 30” X 25” Price:          Sold

Flora (Sold)


This is an expressionism style painting of bright yellow flowers on a pale pink background; a moody painting with lots of tints in a variety colors.   There is an effort to keep the subject undefined, lost, almost totally abstract.   When viewing the flowers you can see they are lacking in any definition. To create this effect, a soft repaint and tinting is needed with many layers of work.  I used shadows and light to help the strong golds and greens push to the center,  giving the flowers the most attention in this abstract painting.


Original: 30” X 40”    Price: Sold