Round Church Road

This folk art painting gives a rough, primitive look to the quiet rural scene. The strong sky, the black and white barns and the church with large field add a focal point to the rolling landscape in the foreground and hazy trees in the background. You can see clearly the tinting with burnt sienna and the greens above in the field and landscape.



Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 30” X 30” 

Crimson Fields (Sold)

This large country folk art painting of a country farm has a strong, rough, yet pastel look to it.  The painting was done with acrylics,  then worked over with oil pastels to give it this effect.  The prints show the rough texture with the lines of oil going across the painting in different directions which give it a peaceful, yet lively look.
Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 48” X 36”       

Birch Tree Pond (Sold)

I like painting Birch Trees in this folk art style.  The uneven texture of the trees and strong contrast black and white barns grab your attention. I use black and white often in my barn paintings. The strong use of browns gives this country painting an earthy feel. Most of my paintings have tinting and glazing.  Sometimes I tint the entire painting after it is almost complete and then paint in the details again.  If a specific area needs special attention, I may just tint the one area and then work it up again to a more complete finish.  Some paintings have as much as 5 layers of tinting.  Most of my work is acrylic with some oil pastels.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 30” X 24”       Price:   SOLD

After The Rain

This animated drip art painting is a good size and it is heavy with gesso and many colors of paint.  In creating this type of lively abstract image, I use more paint because on some of the layers I almost cover the complete canvas with the next color, only showing little bits of the color before it. As I get closer to the top layer I use a little less paint to show more of the last layer.  I made the movement circle, like an inner border on the blue and gray background.  Another field of yellows and oranges inside the circle required me use more control over the action of the painting. I worked a little at a time, letting it dry and then working again with tints and layers of vibrant white, black and green.

Original: Size 40” X 30” Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.