Particles (Sold)

I enjoy reading about quantum physics, the size of things, entanglement, and other ideas about the universe and space.  I have done a series of drip art paintings with this motif and am still working on more of them. Some people see a lot of Jackson Pollack in this work, but the paintings are really a lot different from Pollack’s work. I have studied his work and love it and feel honored that anyone would feel that way. But the effort here is to give a more dimensional look to the canvas by using a base color or colors, then adding some work to the canvas with dripping, splashing and brush work.  That creates a gray background surface for tinting.   Then, after drying, I work the canvas again and again adding blues, yellows, reds and blacks.  The last layer is always brighter and clearer than the one before it. If you look closely at these abstract paintings you can detect the layers under the surface and it reveals some of the technique involved.


Original: Size 40” X 30” Price: SOLD