Alyssa (Sold)

Alyssa is the name of one of my granddaughters.  This idyllic, country painting is named after her because she is very delicate and loves soft colors. The reflection of the lake in this folk art painting, combines with the pastel colors for a calming affect.  My granddaughter paints and draws all the time and is really very talented.   Someday I hope we will be able to do a show together.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 24” X 24”
Price: SOLD

Quiet Valley (Sold)

A minimalist quality characterizes this folk art painting which conjures up a simpler time.  Layers of tinting create a more somber mood in this scene from rural America.  The effect seems to be stillness, a quiet country cabin on the edge of a river.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 36” X 24”       Price:  SOLD 

Oxbow Inlet (Sold)

This American folk art painting is a good example of the use of oil pastels.  The sky has so much oil pastel work on it that the appearance is almost like fabric hanging over the rolling countryside in this quiet rural setting.  The work was started with acrylic, then came the tinting and re-painting of a few layers.  Then, when all the primitive shapes and forms were in place and the painting looked almost finished, the oil pastel work began.  My reason I used the oil pastels was to create a texture on the surface. I like the primitive look, almost like crayon, that it adds.  It’s something I can’t get any other way.

Call for pricing on prints and originals 203-470-9231.

Original: 40” X 30”     Price:  SOLD  

Blue Ridge Horse Farm (Sold)

The simple lines and minimalist quality of this primitive style painting makes it one of my best selling folk art prints. The surface of the German watercolor paper makes a beautiful texture that enhances the contrast of the bold blues and bright whites of this rural horse farm.  The tinting is clean and creates a soft, almost watercolor look to this rolling country landscape.


Call for pricing on prints  203-470-9231.

Original: 30” X 24”       Price:   SOLD

Red Wing

My effort here was to create as much movement in this drip art painting as I could.  I wanted the paint to move around the canvas, falling off the edges but keeping the movement even after going off the edges.  The whites and reds break the movement but not enough to stop it, and green creates a center background that helps the painting balance.  Bits of yellow throughout this abstract painting are just enough to help the motion in a jetting way. It was inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock. I like it.  I hope you do, too.

Be sure to click on the painting to see a slideshow of my other abstract expressionism and drip art paintings.

Original: Size 40” X 30”        Call for pricing on originals 203-470-9231.

Flora (Sold)


This is an expressionism style painting of bright yellow flowers on a pale pink background; a moody painting with lots of tints in a variety colors.   There is an effort to keep the subject undefined, lost, almost totally abstract.   When viewing the flowers you can see they are lacking in any definition. To create this effect, a soft repaint and tinting is needed with many layers of work.  I used shadows and light to help the strong golds and greens push to the center,  giving the flowers the most attention in this abstract painting.


Original: 30” X 40”    Price: Sold