Fire Dance (Sold)

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The story that inspired this bright red abstract painting began in a diner off of I-84 in CT.  I was sitting at the counter.  It’s not the type of thing I usually do.  I think I was just getting a coffee and piece of pie when a young man about 40 came in.  He sat next to me with, of course, one empty stool between us.  I looked over and said, “Traveling light?”  He had a small rag type bag over his shoulder,  that was it,  but for some reason it looked as if he was traveling.  I guess so, just coming back from a long trip.”  “Where were you?” “I spent the last year walking around the country with an Indian Tribe.  “Really?  And why did you do that?” “My wife and I broke up a few years ago and I guess I was looking for something and I think I found it.  We walked from one end of the country to the other stopping to talk, eat, think and pray.  At the last stop we built a big fire they called it the fire of forgiveness.  “Sounds as if you found everything you needed.”  “I hope so. I’m going to see my ex-wife and tell her I’m sorry and ask her for her forgiveness. Don’t know if it will be given to me but I’m willing to try.” The painting depicts that scene with bold, contrasting colors defined in black, yet the scene is optimistic of the future.

Original : 24” X 24”   Price: SOLD